Mcxkey Launched “Profit Sharing Plan” On Heavy Demand of Our clients. Profit Sharing Plan Is a Financial Arrangement Between our organization and Trader which you have to agree to Share a fix profit to Company. This plan is for limited clients only as per our personal observation checklist. 100% personal support is provided from our highly experienced team because trading is not a game it’s a dedicated full time professional job. This plan is very exclusively designed who love profit sharing and is for sensible clients, who at least know what trading is? Profit sharing allows for changing contributions each season. This is a great way to earn more and more. We deal with our client who wants to work safety and earn huge profit in commodity market.

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Mcxkey Follow some Rules with all interested Traders who want to work in Profit Sharing Plan with Our Organization:-

  • To start work with us, client have to pay Rs.10, 000/- as a security money. It will be refundable after stop work us.

  • We charge 25% flat sharing in the profit of traders

  • Every Saturday client have to clear profit with us

  • Client has to trade in Minimum 2 lot. Only Sure-shot call will be provided

  • All communication will be telephonic with clients

  • All Important News & Information will be updated.

  • Daily performance report will be sent.

  • Profit and Loss are very transparent.